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    Worlds Merging Science and Art merge and the educational world is taking notice.
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    Private Schools Let the fun and education begin! The Scalpel brush is revolutionizing the way students look at Science and Art
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    Aspiring Scholars The Scalpel Brush is the perfect way to help the aspiring scholar learn the skill of a surgeon and the style of an artist

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The innovation of the Scalpel Brush, as part of Anatomy Art, will have a broad and far-reaching impact on the Science and Art community. Scalpel Art Supply is working with leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies to design specially branded sales training kits for use by sales reps. These tools will not only position these partnering entities at the forefront of medical/science/art convergence, but will allow them to participate as active advocates for the advancement of an educational hybrid device.

The components of the kits may include:

  • The Scalpel Brush
  • A kit of surgical gear
  • A canvas pad
  • Specially branded paint tubes

The kits can be highly customized to highlight the partner, reasonably priced and, given the timing of the introduction into the marketplace, will allow partners the unique ability to garner attention in the earliest phase of Scalpel Arts development.

For additional information on branded Scalpel Brushes and other components, please use the contact form on the home page of our website.

Why Scalpel Brush?

Promising students often come up short in the use of the scalpel. Though they have a good mental understanding of surgery, they lack confidence with the physical handling of the surgical tool.

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What is Scalpel Brush?

Scalpel Brush was invented to assist aspiring medical students in learning how to handle the scalpel and provide the confidence that they need during a surgery.

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Great for Art Appreciation and learning anatomy. Paint labeled diagrammed sketches of the body. Soon after purchase, you'll...

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Scalpel Art is for the artist. Here is a perfectly balanced tool that brings out the inner creative dynamics in you, coaxing...

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The innovation of the Scalpel Brush, as part of Anatomy Art, will have a broad and far-reaching impact on the Science and...

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Watch our short video introducing the Scalpel Brush and discover a new world where Science and Art merge.

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