The scalpel brush concept is the true convergence of Art and Science. Advanced students will be able to use their Anatomy books, illustrate and label anatomical drawings and then reinforce their learning by painting the artwork.

Detailed drawings can be found on the Anatomy Illustrations Button and are available for free downloads. These illustrations can be printed directly on special canvas pages available on the site as well. Students and educators with less available resources can also print the artwork on regular paper and label the appropriate anatomical parts. They can enjoy the learning process through artwork using watercolor paints.

Across the country, students in all fields of study are being made aware of the potential of the Anatomy Art Course and the Scalpel Brush method.

The Anatomy Art course specifically answers the call made by the Medical Education University of California, Irvine School of Medicine conference, titled "TRAINING THE MEDICAL GAZE: USES OF THE ARTS IN MEDICAL EDUCATION."

The objectives of conference were stated as follows:
  • Refine the intellectual basis for inclusion of the arts in medical school curricula
  • Identify pedagogical strategies that successfully develop applications of the arts in medical education
  • Explore research methodologies appropriate to this interdisciplinary activity
  • Consider new conceptual models that reformulate the fields of both medicine and the arts

In each of these four areas, the Scalpel Brush method of learning is the dynamic answer. You hold the key to a new era in education every time you apply the Scalpel Brush to the canvas in the Anatomy Art course. Your fingers and wrists are learning the necessary pressure and precision needed in surgery. You're gaining "muscle memory" within your hands as you hold the handle of an exact replica of a scalpel.

There are numerous scalpel handles you can buy so that you'll be accustomed to every available scalpel handle that actual surgeons use. Each kit contains the necessary tools and canvas to start immediately, but the results - on canvas and in the mind - will remain for a lifetime.Across the country, students in all fields of study are being made aware of the potential of the Anatomy Art Course and the Scalpel Brush method.


See the original press release at LMU

LMU joining art with anatomy for pilot program

Using Dr. David Velarde’s Scalpel Art program in JFWA and undergraduate curriculum

October 18, 2011— Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is teaming with Dr. David Velarde, a Knoxville-based podiatrist, to incorporate his Scalpel Brush system in multiple curricula University-wide. The Scalpel Art Brush is an innovative way to teach students the ability to use a scalpel by turning the surgeon’s tool into a literal art instrument.

“I am very excited to partner with such and aggressive and dynamic institution such as Lincoln Memorial University. I am confident that this program will be the catalyst for the combination of the studies of art and medicine,” Velarde said. “The Scalpel Art program is an innovative and ground-breaking concept that will further enhance the participating programs at the University.”


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