Scalpel Brush is the coming together of two worlds within the human mind. Science and Art merge and the educational world is taking notice.

Scalpel Brush was invented to assist aspiring medical students in learning how to handle the scalpel during surgery. Over half of prospective surgeons will not advance in their desired field simply because they cannot maintain the confidence, suppress their nervousness and have the proper "feel" for the scalpel when it becomes their turn to enter the operating room.

Scalpel Brush is an innovative and enjoyable way to teach students to use this instrument by turning this surgeon's tool into a literal art instrument. The results in using the Scalpel Brush tool are changing the way educational institutions are viewing the teaching of numerous courses, ranging from Anatomy to Art Appreciation!

A physician of 15 years has used real life surgical experience to invent a revolutionary, patent-pending, tool designed to equip students with a hands-on style of teaching that provides numerous benefits in combining the worlds of Science and Art.

Scalpel Brush offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased medical/artistic hand skills
  • Better and easier learning of anatomy
  • Acquisition of greater confidence in projects and challenges
  • Learning artistic skills

Scalpel Brush - surgical skills combined with artistic endeavor.

It's interactive. It's creative. It's a new era of teaching.

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Video Introduction

Watch our short video introducing the Scalpel Brush and discover a new world where Science and Art merge.

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