To the student:

You have three parts to get started:

  • A Scalpel Brush
  • An authentic Surgical Gown
  • A canvas pad

You'll soon be creating wonderful works of art with your Scalpel Brush - and you'll be amazed at the medical knowledge you'll gain!

The Scalpel Brush method is ready for you. Are you ready to begin?

To the parents:

US medical school studies have come to the overwhelming conclusion that art in medical education not only aids in enhancement of a student's well-being, it is also a highly regarded teaching tool for the learner and a proven method to show improvement of a student's clinical skills.

  • Dr. Joel Katz and Dr. Khoshbin of Harvard medical Schools released research that shows studying art can help students make up to 38% more accurate observations.
  • Duke University's study concluded that art-related activities were beneficial not only for the first year of medical school human gross anatomy, but a viable learning tool all the way through postgraduate medical training.
  • The University of Central Florida acknowledged that self-learning modules such as art-related activities helped the student to better learn basic concepts in an integrated medical curriculum.

Support for art-related activities for learning such as ours are found in:

  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: 1992 Summer;16(3):213-8.
  • Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2004 Summer;16(3):233-9 Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, Tulane University School of Medicine
  • Anatomical Sciences Education 2009 Jul-Aug; 2(4);173-8 Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University School of Medicine
  • Anatomical Sciences Education 2010 Sep-Oct;3(5):219- 26 Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida

It's a new horizon in learning.


See the original press release at LMU

LMU joining art with anatomy for pilot program

Using Dr. David Velarde’s Scalpel Art program in JFWA and undergraduate curriculum

October 18, 2011— Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is teaming with Dr. David Velarde, a Knoxville-based podiatrist, to incorporate his Scalpel Brush system in multiple curricula University-wide. The Scalpel Art Brush is an innovative way to teach students the ability to use a scalpel by turning the surgeon’s tool into a literal art instrument.

“I am very excited to partner with such and aggressive and dynamic institution such as Lincoln Memorial University. I am confident that this program will be the catalyst for the combination of the studies of art and medicine,” Velarde said. “The Scalpel Art program is an innovative and ground-breaking concept that will further enhance the participating programs at the University.”


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Video Introduction

Watch our short video introducing the Scalpel Brush and discover a new world where Science and Art merge.

Getting Started


Scalpel Brush Science & Art merge


Surgical Gown Dress for the role.


Canvas Pad Have the supplies

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