It's been noted that promising students often come up short in one area: the use of a scalpel. Though they may have a good mental grip on the various terms and systems necessary for surgery, the one great requirement is in the actual physical handling of the surgical tool to gain greater self-confidence and a deeper knowledge of the scalpel for the various challenges in the operating room.

After all, each patient is presenting a new challenge in the approach, maneuvering and completion of a surgery. No two patients are the same weight, length or body form.

That is where the Scalpel Brush succeeds. The concept is turning the practice of scalpel use into an art form - literally! The blades of a scalpel have been replaced with the tips of various size art brushes. The "patient" is actually a canvas on which the student/artist/ future surgeon uses the Scalpel Brush to complete a painting. Twisting and turning the wrist, flexing the fingers, steadying the hand are all essential parts of surgery that the Scalpel Brush is training.

The "course" that the student takes is called Anatomy Art, and it's the second pillar of this great training program. The subject material is related to surgery in the form of different parts of the human body, enhancing the learning process. From skeletal drawings to outlines of human muscles, the painting canvas comes with a diagrammed and labeled lesson insert to assist the student learn the various parts of the body as he or she learns the use of the scalpel. Each completed canvas has combined anatomical study with continued scalpel practice.

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Watch our short video introducing the Scalpel Brush and discover a new world where Science and Art merge.

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